• Find Your Joy

Find Your Joy

Burnham-on-Sea, GB
Have you always wanted to try a new hobby, but didn't know where to start?
Did you get bored during the Covid-19 lockdown with nothing to do?
Each box is packed with items to help you explore a new hobby. We include a Find Your Joy magazine giving you a guide with step by step guides, hints and tips for your new adventure with each hobby.
Find Your Joy hobby box, from $20.00
Find Your Joy hobby box

Your Find Your Joy box will come with a variety of items and a magazine to help you get started with a new hobby. - Magazine with tips, tricks and help to get started with a new hobby - Items to help you get started with the new hobby - Arrives at your doorstep for ultimate convenience - Every three months to give you chance to try out a new hobby before a new ones arrives - All packaging is eco-friendly, is made of recycled materials and is all recyclable (even the packing peanuts are biodegradable!) Our current box is the Photography box. Boxes coming up are: December - baking March - gardening June - TBC If you have any special requirements, please us the contact page to discuss if the box can be personalised BEFORE you place an order.

From £20.00/qtr.