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Beautiful Discovery

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Beautiful Discovery uses engaging patterns of nature to instill wonder. Discover and deCODE beautiful patterns with art, ecogames, origami, easy code, and natural wonders. A feeling of awe drives kids aged 9+ and their adults to learn coding, art, math, science and modeling (STEM and STEAM) in an integrated, adventurous, and beautiful way.
Beautiful Discovery Box, from $29.00
Beautiful Discovery Box

Items include eco-games, art, origami, drag and drop code, animated, interactive models of nature's patterns, full color picture books and booklets, jumbo sized informational cards, paints, markers, colored pencils, sharpener, magnifying glass, drawing sheets with art lessons on patterns seen in the natural wonders. We selected natural wonders, such as real shells, crystals, dried leaves, flowers, for their beautiful patterns. The full-color, linen textured cards show simple drag and drop block coding that will simulate the patterns seen in the natural wonders. Prices as low as $24.95 a month.

From $29.00/mo.