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Fortune Cookie LLC

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Howe, USA
A monthly lesson in a box that kids & parents can't wait to gobble up! Each box contains a workbook of thematic lessons in Science, Math, English, Art, History, Reading, & Grammar, a delicious recipe, & extras- like cookie cutters, sprinkles, kitchen tools, & activities. Boxes change each month.
(Pictures are of previous boxes.)
Fortune Cookie Toolbox, from $28.00
Fortune Cookie Toolbox

Fortune Cookie is a baking subscription box with thematic lessons and also a marketing tool for small businesses. Small business owners who are registered as an LLC can pay their dependent children up to $12,000/year without having to issue a w-2 or the kid having to file taxes. This reduces tax liability for the company and then also gives the child earned income they can invest in a Roth IRA. Up to $6,000 can be put into a Roth IRA every year, and those funds can be used for college, home purchase, or retirement. BUT the job must be something the kid can do. Some businesses have their kids clean the offices, run cash registers, or help customers. Not all businesses have those opportunities, but all businesses need marketing. Kids can help with marketing by making, packaging and labeling cookies, turning them into edible business marketing products. Fortune Cookie has a cookie recipe and all the packaging materials necessary to label the cookies with the parent’s company logo. Kids are paid by their parents’ LLC to make the marketing product, package it, and distribute it within the community. The box also has receipts so that the parents and kids can correctly document their earned income for accounting purposes. And the cookies are *really* good.

From $28.00/mo.