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Found and Flowered

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Providence, RI
If you're like me, you absolutely can't resist a new journal. Even though you already have about 7 sitting empty on your bookshelf... Well, blank pages no more! Found and Flowered is full of all the inspiration you need to create a stunning art journal, delivered to your door monthly. Full of writing prompts, found materials, vintage ephemera, etc
Found and Flowered Basic (Not Customized), from $26.65
Found and Flowered Basic (Not Customized)

The Basic subscription is a non-customized version of Found and Flowered. It has the same formula as the custom option, but the contents are not curated per person. Each month includes: a mix of modern cardstock and found vintage book pages, an ephemera envelope containing a mix of vintage and modern cut-outs, a writing utensil, a washi tape, 8 journal prompt stickers, and a small accessory such as paper clips or a stencil.

From $26.65/mo.