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Geo Journey

Sunderland, GB
Receive a fantastic explorer kit to start your adventures then an exciting package every month with photos, fact cards, stickers and a cool souvenir from each country like a boomerang from Australia or a Japanese Fan.
Geo Journey  Subscription , from $11.67
Geo Journey Subscription

Start with a cute explorer kit with everything you need for your adventures, Receive fun monthly packages through the post and learn about a new country each time. Follow the travels of our characters Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy as they head off to explore the world. They will visit 12 different countries and write back to your child sending a fact filled letter, photos, stickers, fact cards and much more! Receive a cool souvenir from every country too such as a cuddly Panda from China and a Boomerang from Australia. Initial explorer kit includes a travel journal, passport, map, and a letter from Geo and Atlas. Each month you can stamp your passport and complete your travel journal with everything you receive. Learn about the world in a fun way!

From £11.67/mo.