Santa Barbara, CA
VINOVORE is Wine + Beer + Goods
Women made wine & more 🍷
616 N Hoover
📍Eagle Rock
4627 York Blvd
⏰ M-Th 12-8pm | Fri-Sat 11am-9pm | Sun 11am-7pm
Hair of The Dog - Pick Up At Vinovore!, from $30.00
Hair of The Dog - Pick Up At Vinovore!

Some of us, admittedly, drink more wine than others. If you just like to have an occasional glass here and there or a nice bottle to entertain guests, this PACKage will be great for you. Enjoy 2 delicious women made bottles of wine every month! Choose between red and white or combo of both. Includes nifty tasting notes with your bottles & pairing suggestions. 10% off all in-store purchases. Wines available for pick up on or after the 10th every month. If you place your order on or after the 9th of the current month, your order will be ready for pick up on or after the 10th of the following month. This includes gift orders. Three-month minimum commitment.

From $30.00/mo.