• Arctic Superfood from Finland

Arctic Superfood from Finland

Joensuu, FI
This Arctic superfood subscription makes it easy to boost your well-being with a genuine taste of pure Arctic nature. You can use these powders to make some spruce sprout latte or just stir them to your smoothie/yogurt/chia pudding/whatever. These powders also make a great addition to raw chocolate, nice cream, diy granola bars & energy balls etc.
Arctic Superfood from Finland, from $75.00
Arctic Superfood from Finland

This monthly subscription box of Arctic superfoods includes a set of organic berry powders (red, blue and yellow) & spruce sprout powder from Northern Finland. The berries and spruce sprouts are hand-picked from our clean nature. Organic Blue Berry Powder Mix is a mix of bilberries, blackcurrants, black chokeberries and crowberries. It is high in fiber, vitamins C, E and K, potassium, copper and manganese. Organic red berry powder mix contains lingonberries, redcurrants and cranberries. It is rich in fiber, vitamin E, potassium, copper and manganese. Organic yellow powder mix is a mix of rose hips, common sea buckthorn and cloudberries. It is high in fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium, copper and magnesium. One tablespoon of berry powder corresponds to about 1 dl of fresh berries. One berry powder mix (150 g) contains 20 tablespoons of berry powder. Recommended daily dose of berry powders: 1–2 tablespoons of berry powders/day. Berry powders are in resealable bags. The berries have been dried as whole in slow temperature, which makes the powders rich in taste, color and nutrients. Spruce sprout (kerkkä) powder is a natural vitamin booster to keep the flu and tiredness away. Make sure to smell the jar first. The stunning aroma makes you feel like you were in the forest yourself! Spruce sprouts have been freeze dried and thus contain all the valuable nutrients and a stunning aroma. In addition to vitamin C and antioxidants, spruce sprouts are very antibacterial. They reduce inflammation in the body. One spruce sprout powder jar (40 g) contains 40 teaspoons of spruce sprout powder. Recommended daily dose of spruce sprout powder: 1 teaspoon/day. Spruce sprout powder is in dark glass jar.

From $75.00/mo.