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Through her work as a mentor and honorary aunt to dozens of amazing young women and girls, our CEO determined that between the ages of 10-16 these vibrant tweens and teens often need additional support, and reassurance they are loved and supported as they face life’s challenges. Hey Dolls limited edition subscription boxes are a monthly mentorship service to encourage and celebrate young tweens and teens, helping them to embrace their intelligence and inner beauty. Specifically created with girls aged 10-16, we aim to inspire and adorn the girls with carefully curated products allowing them to embrace their growth and take their maturity one day at a time. Each month’s themes are selected to offer fun and awesome products your girl will be excited to receive. Each month’s box includes special words of encouragement aligned with that month’s theme and a special, personalized letter from our founder.
Hey Doll! Teen+Tween Subscription Box for Girls, from $41.00
Hey Doll! Teen+Tween Subscription Box for Girls

Hey Doll, offers bi-monthly mentorship for the misunderstood girl, blessed with inner-beauty and intelligence. Her heart roams aimlessly, during the most crucial time for self-discovery. We're a one-stop shop, here to remind her of how magnificent she is. This box includes three options: a compilation for 10 - 13 year-old ($45), 14 - 15 year-old ($55) or 16 year-old ($65). Themes will include make-up, bath products, fragrances, books, jewelry and accessories. Visit www.heydoll.net for exciting extras, beyond the bi-monthly subscription.

From $41.00/mo.