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Holly's Homemade

Georgetown, USA
A four jar box of "Simply Yummy" Holly's Homemade jams, jellies and fruit butters curated each month just for you. We choose from 15 - 8 oz. jars of homemade goodness to deliver a different combination each month. If you have never tasted homemade jam, here's your chance. Perfect for elders, loved ones, a client or yourself. Happiness Guaranteed.
Holly's Homemade Jam, Jelly & Fruit Butter Monthly Box, from $45.83
Holly's Homemade Jam, Jelly & Fruit Butter Monthly Box

Four delicious jars with 8 ounces each of Holly's Homemade jam, jelly and fruit butter will be curated by Holly to arrive at your door each month. It could be Tripleberry Jam (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry), Amaretto Peach Jam, Brandied Blackberry Jam, Strawberry Lemonade Jam, Black Cherry Jam, Christmas Jam, Spiced Pear Jam or Hawaiian Honeymoon Jam (mango, strawberry, pineapple with rum and banana liqueur). Your box may have a savory jelly - perfect with cream cheese and crackers: Lone Star Jalapeno Peach, Red Pepper or Texas Jalapeno. Perhaps it will include a specialty fruit butter: Hill Country Peach Butter or Lela's Apple Butter. We have 15 different flavors, so one box will be the same as the next box - you will always be pleasantly surprised. Fresh fruit is used in making our products with no artificial ingredients that you can't pronounce. Made with love in Texas to be "Simply Yummy!" - we promise you will be happy or we will make it right! We look forward to serving you products that taste just like Grandma used to make. If you have never tasted homemade jam, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to try some today.

From $45.83/mo.