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  • HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul

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Charlotte, NC
The gift of hope transcends circumstances. When you don’t know how to express your love, concern, sympathy, or gratitude, let a hopebox say it for you. Each Hopebox--prepared with love, carefully-selected gifts, and a personalized message--provides comfort and an unprecedented expression of love.
Looking for a new and unique gift for your loved ones? Hopebox contains uplifting and handcrafted artisan gifts, each sure to bring encouragement, cheer, and hope when it’s needed most.
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A carefully-selected, personal assortment of 10+ quality products delivered seasonally. Hopebox now changes with the seasons! Hopebox offers 5 new Hopeboxes each year, one in each of the following seasons: Winter Hopebox - January and February Spring Hopebox - March, April, and May Summer Hopebox - June, July, and August Fall Hopebox - September and October Holiday Hopebox - November and December Your first order will ship in just a few business days, and three month orders will receive the next two seasonal boxes. For example, a three month order placed in April will receive the Spring Hopebox immediately, and then the Summer Hopebox on June 15, and the Fall Hopebox on September 15. Your subscription would then renew in November for the Holiday Hopebox, or you can cancel the subscription at any time.

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