• Jada Candle Box

Jada Candle Box

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Port Saint Lucie, USA
Jada Candle are made with a concrete base, they can be used as decoration and can be placed in any space. My idea is that the candle, in addition to perfuming and bringing warmth to spaces, is a design object when decorating.
100% Soy Wax
Cotton Wick
Limited Scents
Jada Candle Box, from $25.00
Jada Candle Box

Each month you will receive a hand-crafted Concrete Base Candle With 4 wax melts made from an all-natural soy wax. New seasonally selected scents every month. Our candles are made On Concrete Base to ensure quality and consistency. The wax melts do not have a wick & require a warmer.

From $25.00/mo.