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Greenwood, USA
This jerky subscription makes the best gift! We deliver healthy, artisan jerky to your door every month to fill all of your gift and snacking needs! Our mission is to select only high-quality jerky made with ingredients you will love. Enjoy different flavors, textures, spice levels, etc. See notes on right about SHIPPING and dietary restrictions.
Jerky Snob, from $15.49
Jerky Snob

We ship a large variety of flavors, textures, and types of meat each month. -The 2 bag package will vary from month to month with regular, unique, and slightly spicy flavors. (4oz guaranteed) -The 4 bag package sometimes has 1 bag of a slightly spicy flavor. (8oz guaranteed) -The 8 bag box will always have some spicy bags! (16oz guaranteed)

From $15.49/mo.