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revere, MA
Mix of Meats. sweets, chocolates and treats.
What will you get?
One Jack Links 100% Bacon Jerky, Vanilla Crisp Nilla Wafers, "So Juicy Ja!" Black Forest gummies, chips, Slim Jim stick, Reese's cups, Hersheys, and much more!
Snacks may contain nuts.
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JUNKBOX, from $22.50

Bigger. Better. JunkBox-ier. What will you get? Jack Link's 100% Bacon Jerky, delicious chips, Slim Jim, mixed Milk and White Chocolate Kit-Kat, Reeses, Hershey bars. Black Forest 'So Juicy Ja!' gummies, Orbit gum, and your choice of cookie between Chips Ahoy or Oreos Over 20+ items!

From $22.50/mo.