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San Antonio, TX
Kay's Magic LLC is owned and operated in San Antonio, TX. We are a extremely diverse team of 4 women and we specialize in handmade items including candles, drink mixes, teas, intention crystals, herbs, bath, beauty products, and spell bottles.
The Founder and CEO: Kay, is a practicing witch who specializes in Native American Magic, Hoodoo, Crystal Healing, and Spell Writing/Casting.
The President and COO: Corine specializes in Herbalism and runs our Apothecary Shop; she considers herself a beginner witch and is expanding her knowledge of the practice to include Crystal Healing, Spell Bottles, Smudging, and Loose Incense Blends.
Each box is curated with the ideas of our team and the knowledge from our background. We research our themes extensively and do our best to provide as much value as possible to even our smallest boxes.
Currently, we are expanding our capabilities to further customize each order, as well as, offering an apothecary only subscription through Cratejoy for our customers!