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Cincinnati, OH
When you love crafting as much as I do, you want to share the happiness! Crafting is relaxing, and brings a sense of accomplishment. To share the love even more, each crate purchased will also give a donation of the same craft to an LGBTQ+ person in foster care or housing assistance programs. This community in particular needs all the support they can get, and crafting is a great way to do that. Each crate makes another person feel loved!
Kind Crafts Monthly Crate, from $37.99
Kind Crafts Monthly Crate

Kind Crafts is an adult level crafting subscription box with everything you need to complete each project. No last minute trips to the craft store, just craft and enjoy! Help spread the love! Each crate purchased from Kind Crafts, donates a box of the same craft to LGBTQ+ people in foster care or young adult housing assistance. These crates are designed for ages 14 on up. Some crafts recommend adult supervision.

From $37.99/mo.