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We curate only the best pet products made in the USA. We pack our boxes with organic treats that are high in cartilage and closer to the nutritional variety your fur foodie would normally get in the wild. We add a mentally stimulating treat dispensing toy or lifestyle product to keep your fur foodie busy. We then complete the bowl with a supplement that has the cellular integrity of the ingredients your fur foodie would get from natural sources.
Best of USA Box for Dogs, from $105.00
Best of USA Box for Dogs

We’ve diligently curated the best of the USA. Our treats are 100% organic. We love single ingredient treats as they are nutritious and easy to digest. Our toys & lifestyle products are latex free, FDA compliant, eco- friendly and recyclable. Our wellness products are veterinary recommended, holistic and non-GMO. Here, at LA Pet Foodies, we believe that behavior and nutrition are linked, and that a minimal diet modification can increase the longevity of your pet's life. Help your fur foodie fight aging with treats full of antioxidants and skins full of glucosamine & protein. Encourage your fur foodie's natural feeding instincts with a toy. Add a 30 day supply of supplements to round out your fur foodie's diet.

From $105.00/mo.