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São Domingos de Rana, PT
Find hand picked products carefully selected for an authentic italian foodie experience, while in the confort of your home sweet home.
Simple, delicious and high quality made in Italy gourmet groceries that you will love to cook with. At the end, the result is a nutricious and tasty dish and the whole family saying Mamma mia!
Buon apetito!
PastaBox, from $50.00

All of our chosen brands select their ingredients carefully and in conformity with nature cycles. In each box you will find the finest essentials ingredients for an authentic italian meal, you will unbox, selected pastas and sauces that goes perfectly along with exquisite grissinis for the best starter. For a starter, we offer original grissinis from Casa Vecchio Mulino, all made by hand with the best ingredients and olive oil extra virgin, this unique grissinis achieve it ́s unique characteristic with a crunchy texture, they are the most famous all over Italy and all over the world. You will always get Cipriani pastas, the famous brand for their exquisite products that are characterized by their high level of detail giving them the acclaimed title of gourmet food. When it comes to sauces, our main choice is Le Conserve Della Nonna, a brand known by being the first to produce their own sauces made with fresh, colorless ingredients with all the flavor and texture typical of homemade sauces. This sauces represent the finest available in the market. Because every meal needs their seasoning in each box you will get a surprise grind mill.

From €50.00/mo.