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With the current global pandemic, Mayah asked her mom "how will grandpa and grandma be happy, if I cannot visit them?" You see, Mayah has family who lives out of state, and visiting them on a regular basis as before, has slowed down tremendously. Mayah stated, she wanted to make slime with her family members so they can laugh and have fun together. I explained to her, due to the pandemic, and family living out of state, it would be difficult. Mayah then suggested, she wanted to do what she enjoyed the most, which was making slime through zoom with family and friends and send it to them. That way, she can enjoy "Slime Time" with everyone. Mayah came up with an amazing idea. She would send them a monthly "Happy Box" with lots of fun and exciting items for all to enjoy and share with one another. Mayah knows her mom works with seniors and the disabled community. She suggested also sending them happy boxes! She is aware some seniors and disabled people do not have loved ones to share this with. Mayah came up with the idea of filling that void with a Happy Box to brighten their day every month. Mayah knows, receiving the Happy Box will put smiles on their faces and remind them that kids care too!
Mayah's Happy Box!, from $14.99
Mayah's Happy Box!

Our Happy Box contains a variety of toys for children and adults of all ages, our box includes sensory toys and fine motor toys, snacks, stickers, and the main toy for each month's theme.

From $14.99/mo.