• Personal Confidant

Personal Confidant

Receive a monthly curated workbook and resources to improve yourself.
If you invest in yourself, we invest in you as well.
Your first box literally includes a number for you to text us whenever you want.
You can vent or ask a question. We will respond via text and curate a monthly box with
a WPC workbook and resources based on our communication.
My Personal Confidant, from $70.00
My Personal Confidant

Personal Confidant is a real non-judgemental partner in your self-help journey. We are here to provide a solution to a fast-growing problem. The information is out there but finding it and knowing how to use it for success can be more complicated. Your Personal Confidant box is here to help you to find and apply the information you need. Sometimes we need to vent and other times we just need to hear a different perspective. Communicating with a real person about real topics has become increasingly hard. People will shame you just for asking questions and friendships can suffer from thinking differently. Your Personal Confidant box provides two main things. 1. An available listening ear you can text whenever you want without judgment. When you don't need a life coach but could use someone for venting, exploring thoughts, and/or getting some unbias feedback when making decisions, you can text us. 2. Monthly resources sent to inspire, improve, and/or provide another perspective based on communications with your confidant. It will always include a monthly personalized workbook and other resources you can use to help manage your thoughts 1st Box: +Number to your personal confidant. Yes, you will receive a real number from a real person that will be available around the clock. You will have the ability to text your confidant whenever you want to vent and/or receive feedback on a monthly basis. +Ideas for starting the conversation with your confidant - + Monthly Thought Management Workbook ( You will keep this to add all your monthly personalized pages) 2nd Box- -3rd Box +Resources catered to the subscriber based on communication +Personalized Monthly Thought Management Workbook Pages

From $70.00/mo.