• Mimi Beau Box

Mimi Beau Box

Milton keynes, GB
Mimi Beau Box is just not another subscription but a lifestyle and wellness, our themed box aims to go beyond beauty, to bring diversity into the subscription industry with some injection of our West African roots. Empowerment and inclusion to all womxn.
Within every box contains 4 to 6 products that have been specially selected to not only show yourself: Self-love and Self-care but to help you discover, support and experience new brands and businesses as well as housing familiar established brands. Our character, our ethos is being a conscious business who believes in:
Supporting black owned small business.
Small independent business.
Women in business
Being sustainable and recyclable.
Showing up and being authentic.

We believe, every individual deserves to feel special, loved and included.
Mimi Beau Mindset Box, from $30.00
Mimi Beau Mindset Box

Mindset is everything, you tend to spend most of your life inside your head. You can probably tell what our first month theme is centered upon... 'Mindset' To compliment this month's theme, upon unboxing you will receive 4 to 6 products which has been handpicked, tested, tried and loved. We want the Mimi Beau Box to hold a mystery and have an element of surprise. Therefore, we won't inform you of what the box consists of but tell you of the benefits you will encounter. > Encouragement of positive thinking and behaviour. > Nourishment of your body and skin. > Discovery and sampling of new brands and businesses. > Show Yourself. Self-Love. Self-Care. We believe and feel that you will not only love but enjoy the contents within your first themed Mimi Beau Box.

From £30.00/mo.