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Pinner, GB
Our boxes make learning skincare fun, educational, and convenient! 3 Recipes every month
What's included? Easy to follow Recipes, All the Ingredients - vegan-friendly, Fragrance - made from Essential Oils and Coconut oil, Information about each ingredient, Colour and Silicone reusable molds (if required), Droppers/ Pipettes and Containers.
Make Your Own Skincare Box - Vegan friendly, from $28.00
Make Your Own Skincare Box - Vegan friendly

skinIcare DIY skincare boxes are created for women who want to learn a new skill whilst being creative. It's a favourite amongst those who want to be conscious of what they use on their skin and are mindful of the planet. These boxes make it perfect for those moments where you want a reason to bond with your family or friends away from screen time, creating cherished memory! This box works like a treat and an inspiration to learn and take some "me" time… time to make their own skincare and cherish the benefits of the ingredients in it’s pure and natural form. Each box contains the following: Easy to follow 2 Recipes All the Ingredients - vegan-friendly Fragrance - made from Essential Oils and Coconut oil Information about each ingredient, its uses, and its benefits Colour if required Silicone reusable moulds if required Droppers/ Pipettes Help at any stage (this is why we like to teach!) Not Included: Bowls, spatulas, whisks, and other utensils you will need to make your products.

From £28.00/mo.