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Scottsdale, AZ
Our family had SO MUCH FUN building and making a teeny tiny kitchen with a tiny stove, oven, and sink that really worked! It was a lifesaver when we were all shut in during the pandemic! We actually made teeny tiny pies and cakes the size of a quarter by using tea lights to heat our tiny oven! Then we realized that we could help other families beat boredom, too! We hope this baking kit will bring giggles to your taste buds and laughter to your home. Great activity for any child, parent, grandparent, or friends. So here's to you making your own cherished memories! Spending time together never tasted so good!
Monthly Baking and Activity Box for Children ~ Includes ALL Ingredients, Simple Instructions, Arts & Crafts - New items EVERY Month, from $59.99
Monthly Baking and Activity Box for Children ~ Includes ALL Ingredients, Simple Instructions, Arts & Crafts - New items EVERY Month

Our Baking and Activity Box for Children is sure to beat any child's boredom and bring giggles and smiles into your home. No need to make pretend food when your tiny baker can bake these simple yet yummy cakes and cookies in less than 20 minutes. We also include an arts and craft activity for your tiny baker to enjoy while they are (patiently?) waiting for their cakes and cookies to bake. Spending time together never tasted soo good! Each month, the box will have items that involve the holidays or season! Every box is different and will NEVER repeat itself so order yours today before all the goodies are gone! All of the mixes can be baked in a regular oven or toaster oven. Have an electric toy oven at your home? Well these goodies can also be baked in an electric toy oven on a rectangle pan measuring 5.5 inches x 3 inches x 0.5 inches deep. The St. Patty's Day Box Includes: -2 Vanilla Cake Mixes (1.7 OZ ) -2 Chocolate Cake Mixes (1.7 OZ) -1 Sugar Cookie Mix -Frosting For Cakes and Cookies (12OZ) -St. Patty's Day Inspired Candy Decorations for Cakes and Cookies -1 Miniature Baking Pan -1 Tiny Whisk -Simple Instructions -Fun Arts and Craft Activity to do while cakes and cookies are baking -Access to our Learning Center For More Baking Ideas And Cake Decorating Tips The Easter Basket Baking and Activity Box Includes: 3 Cake Mixes Frosting (enough for all cakes) Easter Bunny Bag with 2 special surprises! One 4 inch round miniature baking pan (metal, reusable) 3 candy cake decorations 1 set of Easter Bunny Ears (to decorate a cake/cupcake) 3 cupcake liners 1 miniature fork 1 arts and craft activity 1 page of vinyl cling-on stickers Instructions and decorating ideas

From $59.99/mo.