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Orleans, CA
VT Casual is a branch off of our fine jewellery company, Vintagetears Jewellery Design. More specifically, Vintagetears specializes in fine moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands. Being a part of the wedding industry through our higher-end pieces has been an adventure - but we knew we wanted to expand our product offering with quality yet, casual jewellery at an affordable price.
So in September of 2021, we launched VT Casual. Our mission: to design beautiful, every day pieces in a lower price range, without sacrificing our values or quality.
VT Casual’s collection ranges from rings to necklaces, bracelets to earrings, and a gorgeous line of gold vermeil pieces.
Our gold vermeil collection is made of 925 sterling silver, plated with a thick coating of 18k gold. Our stainless steel collection is plated with 18k gold.
We stand behind our products, and truly admire the fact that our pieces will last our customers for years:
• They won’t turn your skin green
• They’re water-resistant and tarnish-free
What’s best is that 10% of all our sales go to various charities, including Ottawa Kitten Rescue, Because I am a Girl Foundation, Black Women in Action, and Black Legal Action Center.
Monthly VT Casual Jewelry Box, from $29.00
Monthly VT Casual Jewelry Box

VT Casual by Vintagetears Jewellery Design is pleased to present the Monthly VT Casual Jewelry Subscription Box. Each month, you will receive your box with at least one piece of high quality jewellery from our VT Casual collection, at a low price of only $29 per month. - Made of stainless steel or 925 sterling silver and plated with a thick layer of 18k Gold, this piece will last for years, and won’t leave your skin turning green - Waterproof and tarnish free, you can get these babies wet, but make sure to dry carefully to avoid any damage! - 10% of all profits go to various charities, including Ottawa Kitten Rescue, Because I am a Girl Foundation, Black Women in Action and Black Legal Action Center. - Each order is carefully giftwrapped by our team in a beautiful jewellery pouch and folded into tissue paper.

From $29.00/mo.