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Mississauga, CA
Morfosoaps started with a passionate hobby. Our family business is made out of passion and even the products we make are delivered with love! We aim to provide the best.
Morfosoaps’ soap bars are Artisan soaps made from scratch, made with love from high-quality oils and butter in small batches, cured for at least six weeks to produce a good, hard, long-lasting bar of soap.
Free from Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate GMOs, and preservatives.
Morfosoaps Mystery Box 📦, from $33.33
Morfosoaps Mystery Box 📦

MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! COME ONE… COME ALL.. WITNESS THE WONDERS OF… MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX Delve into the world of the UNKNOWN… Then leave the rest to us… Spice up your order by shrouding the contents in seeeccreeeecyyy! With this MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX you will not be able to guess what’s inside. You’ll have to hum and haw as you await the delivery from the courier. You’ll get to experience not knowing which goodies are inside. The Suspense! Surprise! and then finally… Satisfaction! But what could possibly be inside? … Think you’ve tried -all- of our goodies ? Think again. This is where the MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX gets exciting – each box will have TOP SECRET 3 items from our store. Feel free to share pictures of your box and your experience while opening it, and also if you could tell us your feedback about it! But shhhhh, you cannot tell anyone, oh wait! I guess you can, as each box can be so different than the other. The Details: – Each MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX will contain either 3 or 4 products (believe me you will be very happy) – Items already listed in our shop – Each item will be packaged with listed ingredients so you can know, and also the label will have the name of the product which you can come back to our shop and check its listing for product details. – Your MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX will contain items equaling or exceeding the amount you paid (meaning you’ll likely get more than you paid for). Price: $40.00 with FREE Shipping. NOTE: if you do not make any special requests, I’ll assume you want a complete surprise and don’t mind whatever I choose to put in your box. However, you can always request a preferred item and we will make sure to include it in your MORFOSOAPS MYSTERY BOX About Morfosoaps ✔Morfosoaps’ bar of soap contains Kaolin Clay and organic Colloidal oatmeal, we also add a small percentage of coconut milk into our soap to boost the creaminess of the soap. ✔Morfosoaps’ bars of soap are free from: Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalate GMO, preservatives. ✔Morfosoaps’ bars of soap are completely vegan. ✔If you’d like to watch soap being made, check out our YouTube channel. ✔Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Have questions? Reach out to us. ✔Morfosoaps’ soap bars are Artisan soaps made from scratch, made with love from high-quality oils and butters in small batches, cured for at least 6 weeks to produce a good, hard, long-lasting bar of soap. To make them last even longer, please use a draining soap dish, so the bar can dry out between uses, it really does make a difference. ✔Your skin deserves the best, help taking care of it💖

From $33.33/mo.