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Westminster, MD
Your monthly Self-Improvement planner Compass Book comes with 30+ Guided Daily Planner Pages as well as motivating articles, fun activities, delicious recipes, & discovery-filled journal prompts. The companion Mini-Course will dive deep into the self help topic of the month, and our Facebook Group will keep you motivated, accountable, and happy!
Compass Book + Course | Monthly Self Improvement Planner & Digital Course, from $24.30
Compass Book + Course | Monthly Self Improvement Planner & Digital Course

THE CHALLENGE: You know that happiness doesn't just show up on your doorstep. It's something you work for, cultivate and enjoy. This is where Compass Book + Course comes in. Our monthly planner comes complete with tips, fun facts and journal prompts to walk you through a new self-improvement topic every 30 days. We help you navigate toward happiness one tiny shift at a time. Each month you receive the best tips, tools, in an easy-to-follow digital course + your Compass Book. WHAT DO YOU GET EACH MONTH: 1) A FRESHLY MINTED NEW COMPASS BOOK A new Compass Book is mailed to your door every 30-days. It introduces a new self-improvement topic and helps you with Relaxation, Inspiration, Motivation, Planning & Tracking. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN YOUR COMPASS BOOK? Some things stay the same each month - some things are a surprise! >>> GET RELAXED: Unplug with the fun and mind soothing activities. Unwind with: • Crossword Puzzles • Word Searches • Coloring Pages • Journaling Prompts • Delicious & Exotic Recipes to Try • Inspirational Quotes >>> GET INSPIRED: Get pumped up, motivated, inspired and focused. Do this with: • Motivational Articles • Motivational Quotes • Daily Affirmations & Journal Prompts • ...and more! >>> GET ORGANIZED: Get focused, track changes, visualize goals, improve your health, build good habits, track changes & get to your goals! Do this with: • Journaling prompts • Daily Tip Reminders • Weekly Reviews • ...and more! This 6" x 9" book is bound by a lay-flat coil binding that allows you to write and color in your Compass Book neatly and easily, while the super-soft matte touch cover makes it a pleasure to use and hold. Shipping is always FREE. 2) BONUS: HAPPY MAIL We regularly send fun, tips, resources, and reasons to smile and celebrate straight to your inbox. 3) MONTHLY COURSE Happiness psychology simplified and put to work for you. A new Happiness Topic is covered every 30 days, complete with guides, training, resources, and simple actionable steps for you to work through at your own pace. 4) BONUS: FACEBOOK GROUP COMMUNITY Challenges, giveaways & group calls - oh my! Join the fun! You'll love the community in our amazing Facebook Group. Hang out with us daily! Chat, engage, and get to know other amazing people who are also following the journey to improve their happiness a bit more, 30 days at a time. Let's all smile more, laugh more, enjoy more - together!

From $24.30/mo.