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Premium, uniquely designed, limited-edition face masks (and filters) delivered to your door once a month. Embrace the Mystery. Join the Club.
During lockdown, three friends (a doctor, a designer and a fundraiser) started to wonder how this new item of clothing was going to fit into all of our lives. At this crazy time for all of us, we wanted to provide a premium quality option that would take the hassle out of finding a desirable and fashionable option for protective face coverings. While making life easier with regular replacement filters.
After (a lot!) of research and development, we've honed premium quality, unique masks with carbon activated PM2.5 Mrsk Filters; adding to your protection. Plus our reusable and washable masks are way better for the environment than the disposable masks we see all over our streets, landfill and waterways.
At Mrsk Club, we've worked hard on developing unique masks in a sustainable way. All our packaging is recyclable, and you can also re-use our ziplock packaging as storage for your masks and filters.
We want to protect the environment so our masks are high quality, durable and can be reused, rewashed and will save you from having to use disposable, or poorer quality options.
To help the creative and entertainment industries, Mrsk Club reaches out to artists, musicians, graphic designers, illustrators and typographers to help commission these limited edition masks.
Mrsk Club, from $8.99
Mrsk Club

Premium, limited-edition and uniquely designed face masks (and filters) delivered to your door. Artist designed. Carefully curated. Randomly selected with a unique design each month, that includes a monthly playlist to soundtrack your new look. 📬 Premium face masks (and replacement filters) delivered straight to your door. 🔒 Masks feature a filter-pocket for added protection. 💰 Your Starter Pack contains two premium masks for the price of one. 🎭 Monthly Packs contain one premium mask. 🔰 All packs include 4x replacement filters. 🎧 Each Mrsk comes with a unique playlist to soundtrack your look. 🍊  Inside each triple-layered Mrsk, our inner-cotton layers are our signature orange, which reduces the appearance of make-up marks, or dirt. 🌎 Reusable, and washable. 🎨 To help the creative and entertainment industries, we reach out to artists, graphic designers, musicians, illustrators and typographers to help commission these limited-edition masks. ♻ All packaging is recyclable. 📏 Adjustable ear loops and a flexible nose bridge means Mrsk Club comfortably fits all adult sizes. The masks you receive are carefully curated. Randomly selected. Embrace the Mystery. Join the Club. Made from: 🎭 Premium cotton/poly outer-layering and two ultra-soft, breathable 100% cotton inner-layers. 🎭 Your Mrsk Filters feature two layers of filter fabric, two layers of non-woven fabric and a layer of activated carbon fabric. PM2.5 filtered masks can reduce airborne particulates by as much as 90%

From £8.99/mo.