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Cunnamulla, AU
This jam packed calisthenics subscription box includes 1 large ticket item (paralettes, power bands, etc) and 3-4 smaller ticket fitness items (towels, gym accessories, gym gear, Cali shirts, etc.) Each month you will also receive a personalised calisthenics based workout program, links to how to videos and access to our exclusive Facebook group.
Monthly Calisthenics Box, from $73.17
Monthly Calisthenics Box

Our monthly calisthenics box includes 1 big ticket item (paralettes, bands, bars, etc) and 3-4 smaller times, along with a personalised monthly Calisthenics program written specifically for your goals and your current level. You will also receive exclusive access to our private fb group where you can contact our professional trainer with any questions you may have, and share you success stories and videos. We will also send you a special link every month to new videos.

From $73.17/mo.