• My Little Town

My Little Town

Longwood, FL
My Little Town gives you the tools to create your own little town! It includes a "coloring book" type paper town consisting of a historical building, townspeople, items/vehicles, and a story based on the historical building. Deluxe upgrade available. Each month you will get a new and different building to add to and expand your town.
Monthly Historical Building Box (072121), from $11.95
Monthly Historical Building Box (072121)

Your My Little Town Box will arrive at your door every month to the delight of your kids! It will include a "coloring book'" type paper town consisting of a historical house, matching townspeople, town items/vehicles and a historical story about the building. For an additional fee, you can choose an add-on which includes themed fun dress-up or play items that match the building of the month; Suggested age: 3-8 yrs old.

From $11.95/mo.