• My Soul Care Box

My Soul Care Box

Toronto, CA
Thoughtfully curated themed boxes for individuals seeking to (re)connect with their inner + higher self.  This series includes an assortment of locally hand-crafted items like incense, essential oils, teas, or candles, ethically sourced crystals, plus journaling prompts and affirmations related to the theme (such as: divinity, love, gratitude).
My Soul Care Box: (re)Connection Series, from $54.17
My Soul Care Box: (re)Connection Series

Follow your soul's lead as it guides you through this series of 12 thoughtfully curated themed boxes aimed to help you align your soul with various aspects of your life. All subscriptions begin with the WELCOME Box as it contains items we feel are essential to your (re)connection journey. The boxes include an assortment of locally handcrafted items + ethically hand-selected items like incense, essential oils, herbal teas, candles, intention decks or crystals, as well as theme related affirmations and journaling prompts. (re)Connect by exploring themes such as DIVINITY, LOVE, GRATITUDE, JOY, and CREATIVITY. In supporting yourSOUL through the My Soul Care Box (re)Connection Series, you are also helping support local family and women owned businesses.

From $54.17/mo.