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Pensacola, FL
We are gardeners, friends, and family, and we wanted do something we’re sincerely passionate about. Plants! But it’s way more than that. We honestly live and breath plants here and some of us probably even dream about them too.
So whether you’re as obsessed as we are, can’t ever find the time for self-care (which we all desperately need), or don’t know what to get for that hard to buy for person, the answer is definitely plants and we’ve got your back. We’re all just thankful a plant box subscription isn’t the type of membership that requires us to go to the gym. So we hear you; we see you; we feel you. Trust us… We’re right here with you. We’re all in this together and we’re here to keep that plant mail coming!
My Garden Box, from $45.83
My Garden Box

My Garden Box offers a fun, seasonal garden project and is very popular with families and crafters. Includes a themed collection of plant(s), quality container(s), potting & care instructions w/ letter about each collection, plant label(s), growing media, fertilizer, gardening tools, supplies, and/or functional decor. All of that in attractive gift-quality packaging!

From $45.83/mo.

The Plant Club, from $45.83
The Plant Club

Celebrate new Plant Stories with us each month! We lovingly pack your monthly plant box to arrive safely at your door. Every plant has a story and with so many plants in the world, there are so many plant stories to discover! We include our feature plant of the month along with your complete 'Plant Story'. In addition, your monthly membership box comes with an id tag, goodie kit, soil and decorative pot.

From $45.83/mo.

Succulents Monthly, from $45.83
Succulents Monthly

From their quirky forms to their easy care, succulents spread joy and it's our privilege to share them with you. Each month, you'll receive our featured succulent selection, along with easy-to-follow care and assembly instructions, as well as curious facts about and fun descriptions of your new succulent variety. We include plant care and detail about your succulent along with an id tag, goodie kit, soil and decorative pot.

From $45.83/mo.

Air Plant Box, from $22.92
Air Plant Box

Three unique and beautiful air plants shipped directly to you every month! My Air Plant Box includes a blend of specialty air plants every month, ready to display in your container or decor. Every box includes id cards and care instructions to ensure your air plants thrive in their new home. Plus an extra goodie bag!

From $22.92/mo.

Grow With Us Box, from $27.50
Grow With Us Box

Everything a young gardener needs to build rewarding, and enriching seasonal garden projects. Plant(s) included with every box. With visually illustrated instructions, simple garden care tips, and properly portioned ingredients assembly is fun & easy! Indoor and outdoor projects, based on season. Recommended ages: 6 - 10 (under 6 with adult supervision).

From $27.50/mo.