• Nu Standard™, She deserves it all.

Nu Standard™, She deserves it all.

Dallas, TX
We know you are busy making moves and dreams come true. We believe you deserve it all. Our subscription service provides first class mail delivery every month to your doorstep. No more last minute hassle at the store or trying to remember to make your online order. Your time is everything to us, and now you can focus on the things
Nu Standard TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair Vitamins, from $40.00
Nu Standard TAKE N GO™ Daily Hair Vitamins

Health is your hair wealth! We have over 25 high quality ingredients of minerals , herbs, and botanicals, more than other hair vitamins. Your hair deserves every bit of ingredient because you deserve it all. Our results provide an Easier and Better Haircare Journey! Encourages radiant, shiny, and healthy hair, skin, and nails Boosts hair protein production Fortifies hair follicles results Strengthens hair elasticity Improves hair moisture balance Provides great digestion, avoiding constipation Incorporates an everyday Multi-Vitamin Complex which targets stress and nutritional deficiencies and supports overall health Formulated with vital ingredients, including: Vitamin A Vitamin D Biotin PABA Fo-Ti Zinc For the best results, please take two (2) capsules a day. Total Quantity: 60 capsules Glueten Free Contains: Soy

From $40.00/mo.