• Onatha


Boca Raton, USA
The box includes organic pads and tampons, all-natural cramp suppressant, something sweet, something salty, a skincare product, a women empowerment gift, and something just for YOU! All the packaging for the box is eco-friendly and all the products inside the box are from women-owned businesse only.
Onatha Box, from $29.99
Onatha Box

A monthly subscription box filled with customizable menstrual needs and products for women, like organic pads, tampons, all-natural cramp suppressants, treats & gifts like snacks, sweets, skin-care products, and inspiration for strong women to get through life. Our mission is to provide women with essential menstrual needs and comfort, while advocating for sexual health education, women-owned business, and a strong desire to give back to young women in our communities and the native roots that bond us sustainably to Mother Earth. All the products inside the box are from women-owned businesses only.

From $29.99/mo.