• Renewing Essentials

Renewing Essentials

Ennis, USA
This box contains the Essential Toiletry Kits and Spa Day Kit specifically for when ladies find themselves in unexpected situations with either last-minute changes in plans, pulling an all-nighter away from home, or maybe in emergency situations. In addition, you'll also receive FREE Gifts in the First Month just for signing up!
Color Coordinated Mystery Sample Box, from $18.99
Color Coordinated Mystery Sample Box

I love color coordinating things and that's what I am going to do for my new mystery subscription box ! Every month I will choose a color scheme and coordinate 17 - 20 various samples of beauty & household products matching that color that will beautifully tie-in together. So you get a fun surprise every month with your special color-coordinated goody box. I guarantee everything will be of the highest quality and brand new products. It's fun becaue you will get to sample a whole bunch of different things that will change every month to keep life interesting. So if your life has fallen into a rut, this is definitely a box you should try. Some things you might get in your box include: - Shampoo/Conditioner or Dry Shampoo/Dry Conditioner - Skin Cleanser or Face & Body Wipes - Small Home Decor Item - Face Masks/Hair Masks/Moisturising Masks - Journal/Notebook/Planner - Fabric Refreshing Spray or On-The-Go Spot Remover - Deoderant/Toothpaste/Mouthwash - Nail Polish or Makeup Set - Makeup Bag - Candle - Bath Salts/Bubble Bath or Body Wash/Shower Gel - Perfume Sampler or Body Spray - Mini Portable First Aid Kit - Hand Sanitizer - Shower Loofah - Gel Pens or Paint Markers - Costume Jewelry - Healing Crystal or Pocket Spellbottle - And Much Much More! And this is just to give you an idea of what kinds of things you may receive. The options are endless but each box will be meticulously created with a good variety pack of items you will love!

From $18.99/mo.