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McAllen, USA
Hi Friend! I am Kim and the creator of the Overflow of Blessings box. Like many of you, I have faced hardships and loss throughout my life. What has always given me strength and courage to keep moving forward is spending time in God’s Word and surrounding myself with encouraging Christian women.
Most mornings, I spend time with the Lord while sipping my coffee. I fill up my soul with His word and it enables me to tackle any problem or stress that I may have that day. It reminds me that I am communing with Him, having the most intimate conversation across the table just as I am accustomed to doing with my closest friends. That is how I came up with Overflow of Blessings.

The cup throughout Scripture often represents the portion given to an individual; the cup is the plot in life before you, sometimes good and sometimes difficult. The cup Jesus willingly drank on the Cross afforded us a cup of life, a cup of joy in His eternal forgiveness. (Matthew 26:39 and 42)
What happens when we experience an overflow of God in our life? We are met with overflowing joy, peace, and gratitude. My prayer for you is that the Overflow of Blessings Box will reach you in the midst of your busy day and give you encouragement as you strive to live the life God has laid before you. I pray The Overflow of Blessings Box will fill your cup so you, in turn, can overflow to all those around you!
Overflow of Blessings Christian Subscription Box, from $48.00
Overflow of Blessings Christian Subscription Box

Overflow of Blessings is a monthly Christian subscription box that will allow you to learn more about the woman God created you to be. Through encouraging Scripture verses and uplifting quotations on gift items within the box, the Overflow of Blessings box will help women grow closer to Christ. If you are interested in receiving gifts each month with spiritual purpose, but also want something you can use in your everyday life and share with others, this is for you! Each month you will receive a box designed around a particular theme in the Bible Inside you will find: Monthly Calendar with Scriptures - Study the Scriptures using any method that works for you to be filled with God’s word Artisan Coffee or Tea - Spend time with the Lord while sipping your coffee or tea, reminding you that you are communing with Him. 5-6 Curated Gift Items such as the following: Bible covers to protect and take your Bible in style wherever you go Journals to write down daily Scripture, reflections and prayers Scripture Decor to display at home, in the office and even in your car to bring Scripture to the forefront of your mind all day long T-Shirts to be worn to share the good news with the world! Jewelry to remind you of what's important wherever you go...Jesus and your faith Accessories (pens, Bible page markers, stickers) to help you be organized Self-Care Items (Soaps, Lotion, Candles) because everyone can use a little pampering! And you can expect a few surprises each month. Who doesn't like a surprise gift? FAQs When will I be charged and will my Overflow of Blessings Box arrive? You will be charged at the time you sign up. When your subscription renews your payment will be drafted on the 15th. We strive to ship on or about the 20th so that the box can arrive to you close to the first of the month. Example payment is drafted on September 15th, the box ships on September 20th and delivers on October 1st May I return or exchange box items that I do not like? Because we personally curate the items in each box specifically for our subscribers, we do not like to accept returns or exchanges for any box item. However, we would like to keep our subscribers happy. If there is an item that you do not like, we recommend you to bless someone else with the item.

From $48.00/mo.