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Kalamazoo, MI
Family Night In a Box! Families with kids 9 and up will get an art project, a snack, a new game to play, a recipe to try, and a movie selection to stream. Owl Box has done the work of finding activities everyone will love so you can focus on spending time with your family, or give the gift of family time to someone you love! Family can be easy!
Moxie Box, from $16.67
Moxie Box

When you have moxie, you've got strength, courage, and the gumption to keep going no matter what you're faced with. Moxie Box is for young people 12 and up and offers artistic inspiration and instruction to fuel their inner AWESOME. Art materials for a project including instructions, plus a recipe, and bonus items too! Young people are increasingly faced with challenging situations and need healthy ways to express themselves. Creating art is proven to improve mood, aid in healthy expression, and help process emotions. And it's fun! Moxie Box is the perfect way to add to their artistic skills repertoire, too. They'll learn a new art form and get bonus items each month*! Each month we’ll send you an activity box containing: · One art project, complete with quality materials and colorful instructions that are easy to follow · One recipe to wow your friends and family with · Moxie Journal comes in the first box with things to add to it in each month's box! - Self-care items such as bath bombs, essential oils, tea or lip balm - Art supplies such as mini-canvases, artist markers, paint brushes - Journal items such as prompts, questions, stickers *Bonus item will either be art supplies, a snack, or self care related (such as essential oil sample, bath bomb, lip balm) **Please advise of any food or skin allergies prior to checking out**

From $16.67/mo.

Owl Box, from $41.36
Owl Box

Experience fresh, new family activities each month! Families with kids ages 9 and up will love learning new art forms with the art projects, trying new (or old favorite!) snacks, playing exciting games, experimenting with recipes, and streaming the movie picks delivered every month. Each month we’ll send you an activity box bursting with fun: · An art project designed for the whole family complete with quality materials and step-by-step instructions- no art experience required! · An awesome game- chosen from family-approved national brands like GameWright. · A delish snack- some of our favorites are unicorn popcorn and Koala Cookies! · A new recipe to try out in the kitchen together- easily modified for your family's food preferences. · A movie suggestion, with Common Sense Media reviews and thought-provoking questions to consider when watching with your family. Most movies are available on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. Currently, Owl Box is available with materials for families of four. If your family size differs, please email mackenzie@saltyowlstudio.com for accommodation options! Please indicate if your family has food allergies to consider when sending the monthly snack. While we will do our best to accommodate as many food allergies as we can, repeat snacks may be substituted if a similar replacement isn't found for certain months. Please email for more information!

From $41.36/mo.

Plucky Sticker Club, from $9.00
Plucky Sticker Club

Consider this your monthly pick-me-up. In sticker form. Get kick a$$ stickers every month featuring custom, original artwork and empowering, snarky, uplifting sentiments and quotes! Bonus surprises included with each shipment, too. Why Plucky? pluck·y /ˈpləkē/ adjective adjective: plucky; comparative adjective: pluckier; superlative adjective: pluckiest "having or showing determined courage in the face of difficulties," That sound like you, or someone you know? Keep reading then... Sticker packs will be comprised of vinyl and paper stickers in various sizes. Each sticker pack is valued at over $15 and includes at least 3 with sayings on them, including the quote/saying of the month. Pack variations will come with a variation of the following: *One 3"x3" printed vinyl sticker (waterproof so you can use it on your water bottle!) PLUS *One 3"x3" printed paper sticker (great for journals!) OR *One 5"x5" vinyl or paper sticker PLUS *10-15 in sizes ranging from 1"x1" - 2"x2" paper and vinyl stickers *Bonus items include themed pins/buttons, edible treats, additional stickers, stationery items *BONUS BIRTHDAY STICKER in the month of your birthday! Customers have the option to opt-in or out of four-letter words: Choose to opt-out of swear words, have them spelled out, or bleeped out (eg- sh!t or d@mn) Tell me some of your favorite things and you'll receive some customized, special stickers made just for you<3 Quotes and sentiments you may see: F is for Feminist Gender is a Social Construct Not Today, Satan The Future is Female Carry Yourself With the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man "When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a b&^%$.” ― Bette Davis - "Not fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb." ― RBG - “Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.” ― Cheris Kramarae And many more! Reserve your spot in this exclusive, queer-woman-owned-and-run sticker club!

From $9.00/mo.