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Claymont, USA
FAST AND EASY TO USE: Measure the most important fertility hormones easily at home. All you need is your smartphone. Your results are automatically digitized and analyzed by the Pearl app for iOS and Android.
ALL YOUR FERTILE DAYS IN ADVANCE: Pearl gives you more of your fertile days than conventional ovulation trackers and ovulation tests.
Pearl Ovulation Tests and Digital Fertility Monitoring., from $29.17
Pearl Ovulation Tests and Digital Fertility Monitoring.

For the first time ever, a combination of ovulation tests for FSH and LH hormones get measured individually:
 - Get the most accurate prediction of your ovulation and hit all your fertile days with the Pearl App.
 - Digitalized OPKs with Ovulation predictions are provided in real time.
 - Pearl Fertility is the most advanced system combining hormone tests with intelligent algorithms for eliminating confusion around ovulation test results. 
The Pearl App reads and interprets the ovulation tests to give you a personalized ovulation prediction and full Fertility Window. 
Easy testing procedure: 1. wake up 2. dip test strips in your morning urine 3. take a picture with you mobile camera 4. Thats it! 
Customized for women who are trying to conceive or to get pregnant naturally even with irregular cycles. 
The personalized ovulation tests and Monitoring Kit includes all hormonal tests you need (LH and FSH) and gives you exclusive access to all the features of the Pearl Fertility App. 
Pearl is the first app to be FDA registered for proception and CE-marked in Europe to tell you the clinically validated most fertile days.

From $29.17/mo.