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Denver, USA
Poiji is a monthly jewelry subscription owned and operated by a mom and her two daughters. We keep our price point a low $10/month and you get to keep everything your get! Never rented, never pay extra to keep your favorites, and never pay for shipping. We love subscription boxes as much as you do and we designed Poiji as a box we would have subscribed to ourselves!
The Poiji Box, from $9.17
The Poiji Box

Stunning jewelry straight to your door every month! Choose from four curated selections based on your style or let us choose for you according to your profile! . Always keep everything in your Poiji Box! Nothing is rented and never pay extra! The Phoenix Box-Curated by our founder and includes statement pieces, bold colors, vintage inspirations, and anything that looks good with an LBD. The Dragon Box-Curated by Desi, our resident icon. These piece have are usually edgy, trendy, with clean lines and sometimes even a sense of humor. The Rocket Box-Curated by our youngest owner, Lulu. These piece are fun, flirty, colorful, and always on trend. While she doesn't usually like statement pieces, sometimes things just speak to her and we have to add them! The Classic Poiji Box-Curated to contain pieces with universal appeal, classic styling, clean lines, all with a modern twist.

From $9.17/mo.