• Postcard Mixtapes

Postcard Mixtapes

Philadelphia, PA
A monthly postcard for those of us who love discovering new music. Each month, we send you a custom postcard connected to a digital mixtape–featuring a secret playlist, messages and videos from the artists, downloadable artwork and more! Snap a photo of the front of the card on our website to "play" the postcard and unlock your exclusive content.
Postcard Mixtapes, from $5.00
Postcard Mixtapes

Get a postcard you can play! Every month, we'll send you a custom postcard containing a curated mixtape of new music from up-and-coming artists from around the world. Includes a secret playlist, messages from the artists, behind-the-scenes content, and an exclusive download of the artwork. Unlock this exclusive content by taking a photo of the artwork on the front of the card at www.plynth.com

From $5.00/mo.