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Jersey City, USA
Are you ready to be challenged by our team of high thinkers to engage in and explore thought provoking topics? PotBox420 will send you themed interactive materials along with monthly necessities (bong, paper, grinder, lighter, trays…) and fun mystery items and board games, all catered to intensifying and elevating your higher perspective.
PotBox420 Monthly Cannabis/Lifestyle Subscription Box, from $34.17
PotBox420 Monthly Cannabis/Lifestyle Subscription Box

- Each month you will receive 3-4 consumable items, 2-3 accessories, a mystery item and a small business partnership item. - Every box is themed and has an interactive insert that encourages you to explore our "high" topics, features cool small businesses, includes a question of the month. - Post your answer to the Question of the Month and engage with our community at www.potbox420.com to win free prizes each month.

From $34.17/mo.