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Premium K~Beauty

Atlantic City, NJ
Times Are Hard & We Know That So We Are Giving Everyone The Opportunity To Experience Premium Beauty & Skincare by Offering An Assortment Of Premium Monthly Boxes On Different Price Levels That Will Fit Into Anyone's Budget! Are You Ready To Experiencing Effective Skincare Made Up Of Powerful Ingredients That Actually Work After A Single Use?
The PKB " Deluxe" Skin care Box., from $28.00
The PKB " Deluxe" Skin care Box.

The "Deluxe" PKB box will incorporate anywhere between 4-5 products Plus a free gift every month - Mostly all full size & with some deluxe products containing some of the worlds best & most sought after Authentic Premium K-Beauty & Skincare from around the world from brands we all know & love & some you may not. You will receive a mix of products from Pure Oils, Raw Clays, Facial scrubs & Toners, DIY'S, Anti-aging creams, Brighteners & Whiteners and so many more. All products are sourced from trusted manufacturers that incorporate only the finest all natural ingredients nature has to offer from the majority being Vegan, Organic, Fairtrade, Cruelty Free & Certified B corp. Ingredients. Skincare is a Priority & We must Prioritize this into our everyday routine. THE PKB EXPERIENCE IS A PREMIUM TREATMENT WE ALL DESERVE EACH AND EVERY MONTH WITH PREMIUM PRODUCTS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE - This box gives everyone the ability to experience premium products at a price that will fit into every budget. For Questions, Comments, Concerns or Customizations - we are available 24/7 via E-mail or Live Customer Support.

From $28.00/mo.

The PKB "Ultimate" Mask It & Glow Monthly Box, from $24.17
The PKB "Ultimate" Mask It & Glow Monthly Box

In this Monthly Box Collection you will receive 10 Full Size Premium K-beauty Masks. We give more than ANY SUB BOX IN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY TODAY! All Masks will include, Raw Clays & Pure Oils, Top Quality, Premium Beauty Sheet Masks, You will also receive masks not just for your face but masks that target your entire body from head to toe such as Hair Masks, Body Masks, Foot masks, Lip Masks & More - All of our products are made of the finest All Natural ingredients from top premium brands from around the globe. Always 100% Cruelty Free or we will NOT buy from them period! You can't go wrong with this monthly box as its curated with the busy lifestyle in mind. This box will target all your skincare needs, wants & concerns and have you out the door to conquer the world in under 20 minutes. You will receive 8-10 premium masks that will focus on everything Skincare related such as Anti-aging, Moisturization, Brightening & Whitening, Acne, Under Eye Bags & Dark Circles and so much more.

From $24.17/mo.

The PKB "Premium" Skin care Box., from $25.00
The PKB "Premium" Skin care Box.

The "Premium" PKB Box will include Premium & Authentic K-beauty & Skincare sourced from around the world from brands we all know & love and some you may not. All products are made from trusted manufactures that incorporate only the finest ingredients nature has to offer in every product from Vegan, Organic, Fair Trade, Cruelty Free products that target all major skincare issues and concerns. You can expect to receive a mix of 6-7 full size & deluxe premium products plus a free gift every month from Raw Clays, Pure Oils, Facial Toners, Anti-aging Creams, Brighteners & Whiteners, Facial Scrubs, DIY'S, Acne, Beauty & Bro Masks related products and many more. We put the word "Premium" in effect with our boxes and give everyone the opportunity to get the premium "PKB EXPERIENCE" WITH A UNIQUE UNBOXING EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER! Skincare does not have to be a boring dreadful experience, We give you something to look forward to monthly with enough products to experiment with to see what works & what does not. If you have any Comments, Questions, Concerns or for Customization, We are available 24/7 Via E-mail & Live Customer Phone Support. We customize boxes for both Men & Woman.

From $25.00/mo.

The "Ultimate" PKB Box, from $25.00
The "Ultimate" PKB Box

This box will include a large mix of Authentic Korean Beauty & Premium Skincare from Pure oils, Raw Clays, Facial toners, Anti-aging creams, Facial scrubs, Beauty Masks, DIY'S and many more Plus a Free gift in every box every month. All products will mainly be full size With Few deluxe Products Giving you enough product that will last throughout the month to experiment with. This box is "The Ultimate" as it incorporates 5-7 of the most sought after popular Brands & Products monthly from around the world! Are You Ready For Clean, Pure, 100% Cruelty Free & All Natural Skincare That will eventually reveal a new healthier & improved you????

From $25.00/mo.

The Ultimate Beauty & Premium Skincare Box, from $25.00
The Ultimate Beauty & Premium Skincare Box

In this new collection we mixed the best of both worlds in Designer beauty & Premium skincare. If you love both Beauty & Skincare than this is the box for you! Every month we will incorporate the best of both worlds from the most sought after effective brands on the market today. You can expect to receive at least 6 Beauty & Skincare products with Mystery freebies every month delivered to the comfort of your home. Each box will have a value of at least $80 plus dollars or more guaranteed.

From $25.00/mo.

The PKB Supreme Dreambox, from $43.75
The PKB Supreme Dreambox

Welcome to the Supreme Dream Box! In this box you will explore products from Beauty, Skin care, Candles, Fragrances, Novelty & more. This box is tailored towards the person who just loves everything Beauty, Skincare & everything inbetween. Nothing is off limits. The person who wants to explore new products from all departments even Books & Apparel on some occasions. Each box will incorporate a mix of 10 PLUS products monthly. Depending on how the market perceives this box will depend on what will be incorporated. We want to hear from you in a major way! What you'd like to see and how you feel about this box each month - We are listening. $300 Value!

From $43.75/mo.

The PKB Elite Monthly Treat, from $50.00
The PKB Elite Monthly Treat

STRICTLY FOR THE ELITE ONLY!! THE ONE WHO APPRECIATES THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE! This Box It's All About Pampering, Spoiling & Pure Indulgence to the max with a combination of The Most Sought After Premium Brands From Around The World - Some You May Have Heard Of & Some You May Not, Let's Explore The Finer Things In Life Together. This "Elite Monthly Treat" box Is Excellent as a Gift For those "Hard to Shop For" loved Ones or Even better, Treating Yourself as we all deserve a Treat Like This Everyday - We make going to the Mailbox an enjoyable experience & Give you something to look forward to While bringing Christmas to your location Monthly! You will get 8-10 products monthly. No two boxes are the same! Products such as Spa, Beauty, Selfcare, Premium Skincare & Designer Makeup & more. This box is a huge hit with the many who are already subscribed. Just Look At The Photos Of Our Recent & Past Boxes, That Explains it all!

From $50.00/mo.