• Pretty Paper Club

Pretty Paper Club

Phoenix, AZ
Personalized every month. We don’t do generic. Every month is customized with your name on it.
Never boring, always fresh. New monthly designs to bring you delight.
Kindest club on the planet. Cancel anytime or skip a month, no questions.
The Paper Lover, from $20.17
The Paper Lover

Experience the thrill of writing on personalized stationery with bright + cheerful designs–made just for you month after month. Your set includes custom notecards, envelopes, and a fun paperie surprise each month!

From $20.17/mo.

The Ultimate Paper Lover, from $40.33
The Ultimate Paper Lover

Indulge in personalized stationery every month, including a generous assortment of hand-picked accessories. These items may include pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers, confetti, funky paper clips, and custom sticky notes–for the ultimate paper lovers.

From $40.33/mo.