• Pretty Twisted Cross Stitch

Pretty Twisted Cross Stitch

Chelmsford, GB
Each month you can expect to see: An exclusively designed alternative goth/fantasy/witch/magic themed cross stitch kit with everything included to complete each one. Plus 2-4 related items such as: * Cross stitch/craft accessories * Cute stationery
* Handmade items *Gift items. You will also receive a branded tea/hot chocolate or coffee.
Pretty Twisted Cross Stitch 'TWISTED' Box, from $27.33
Pretty Twisted Cross Stitch 'TWISTED' Box

An exclusively designed alternative goth/fantasy/witch/magical themed cross stitch pattern together with all the kit to make and complete the project. You will also receive 2-4 additional items which could be cross stitch items, cute stationery, fantasy themed gifts, handmade items, or edible items. All related to the theme of the cross stitch kit for that particular month, be sure to receive fantastical related items but also the occasional cute twisted item! There will also be a branded hot chocolate/tea/coffee in the box each month to help you relax as you stitch!

From £27.33/mo.