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Nipomo, USA
Roksy Boksy curates an assortment of crystals and minerals that promote self love and self care. These items can be used for crafting both metaphysically as well as making jewelry. We provide information that helps you decide the best use of each stone for your needs. This is a good way to start a collection or add to it as you like.
Roksy Boksy - Crystals That Spark Joy!, from $22.00
Roksy Boksy - Crystals That Spark Joy!

Roksy Boksy presents a monthly subscription of crystals and minerals with individualized information concerning the physical and metaphysical properties of each one. Each box will hold anywhere between 5 and 10 items depending on value. We look forward to finding the special items each month that provides a variety of geological and metaphysical interests to our customers.

From $22.00/mo.