• Saint Alberts Science Crate

Saint Alberts Science Crate

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Saint Albert's Science Crate is for kids 8-18 and for anyone who wants to explore design, building, tinkering with circuits, or learning engineering skills. Each box comes with a kit that is STEM related as well as a glimpse into who Saint Albert the scientist was and kids will love to look up to this hero and become a real scientist and engineer.
Saint Albert's Science kits, from $31.25
Saint Albert's Science kits

Each month you will receive a kit that explores STEM activities. Anything from building your own radio to building a wooden boat. These tasks will teach the kids basic skills of engineering that will fill their curiosity. Videos on how to build them will be provided through social media. (Tools are not included...tool kits can be bought in our shop)

From $31.25/mo.