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Indulge your space with the fragrances you love most! This box is packed with all-natural items you may gift to yourself or your loved ones. *Fragrances vary based on popular sales*

-8oz Soy Candle
-Soy Wax Melts
-3oz Hydrating Glycerin Soap + Re-usable Sisal Soap Bag
-5oz Hydrating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub
Self Care Box- 8oz candle, wax melts, soap + soap bag, dead sea salt body scrub, from $25.00
Self Care Box- 8oz candle, wax melts, soap + soap bag, dead sea salt body scrub

Madden Wax Works brings to your quality, all-natural products. Every item is handcrafted and personally designed to fit any occasion, or just for yourself! Our Self-Care Box is packed with our popular items that includes: ** Fragrances are random based on popular sales ** -8oz Soy Candle- Tin container -Wax Melts -3oz Hydrating Glycerin Soap Bar + re-usable soap bag -5oz Hydrating Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Our products are designed to work with every home and skin type. We use all-natural ingredients designed to draw up moisture from bottom layers of your skin and traps it at the surface to keep you hydrated longer. Our soaps and scrubs contain anti-bacterial, antifungal agents that will kill and prevent any unwanted impurities, like blemishes, acne, eczema, and more. The candles will fill any space with the fragrance you love most. With over 70 fragrances we alternate throughout the year, we will keep you updated with our popular items sold, as well as our flash sale items! Customers say they love how the candles and wax melts fill the room and last, the scrubs and soaps are soothing, and they make great gifts for friends/ family. We personalize our gifts to match any occasion. It can be birthdays, anniversary, wedding, holidays, business partners, employee gifts, you name it! Our logos and customized card letters are a great resemblance of you! Contact us: If there is anything you wish to have custom made, please let us know or email us at: hendricksfamilycreations@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: Hendricks Family Creations Etsy: HendricksGift2U

From $25.00/mo.