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mount vernon, USA
I am a single lady at home business. I make cards daily and would like to bring you cards that inspire me. I make them and stack them ready for you to enjoy. I have no employees yet since this is all new to me. I am going to send out many cards and for each one, I will put my all into them. I would like to say I can only see out of one eye when doing the cards. This means my cards won't be 100% perfect.
Shays_creations greeting cards, from $18.33
Shays_creations greeting cards

You will be mailed 4 random cards that will be enjoyed by you or perfect for someone in your life. I include birthday cards too, I often have cards no one else has. I make each card by hand simple yet fun to have. I am frugal so I work hard to make good products with less waste. I reuse scraps to allow you a card that is one of a kind to you. Often times I make one of each card so if you're looking to stand out from the rest you have come to the right person. If you like free gifts from time to time you will find that in a select few boxes a gift will be added. To allow me to gift you when the items are available I must add shipping to allow me to send you larger items. Please know not all boxes will have a freebie at the same time. This freebie will be anything. if you like beauty items it will oftentimes be that. I am new to making cards and would love to share them with you.

From $18.33/mo.