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Auburn, USA
8 - 10 quality comics shipped to you every month! There is something for everyone including readers, collectors, or both! All comics will come in bags with boards for secure shipping and collecting purposes. Marvel and DC comics will be the main focus in each box with occasional titles from other publishers. Monthly themes and surprises often!
Shorter Box Monthly Comic Subscription, from $24.17
Shorter Box Monthly Comic Subscription

Fill your short & long boxes up with the Shorter Box Monthly Comic Subscription! - Each box will contain 8 - 10 comics from DC, Marvel, and occasionally other publishers! - Comics are hand selected and accompanied by a handy information card to give you a run down on everything in your box! - Key/Rare/First Appearance/Speculative comics are included! - A mix of new issues, back issues, variants, and #1's! - Trade Paperbacks and Trading Cards occasionally included as well! - Quality and value with every single box Each box has something for collectors and readers!

From $24.17/mo.