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Shyft Rx

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Colorado Springs, USA
Shyft Rx is a wellness box designed for nurses & other medical professionals, bringing comfort for those times when the shift hits the fan. We are devoted to providing comfort and holistic recharge to mend the burn out the medical field can cause. While burnout is inevitable, it doesn't have to affect you, let us write a prescription to treat you with our Shyft.
Shyft Rx  Monthly Box, from $37.62
Shyft Rx Monthly Box

With a subscription, every month, a box with 6-8 full-sized & sample premium items will be delivered to your doorstep. Each box may include items such as cozy items, skincare, spa and aromatherapy items, therapeutic & mindful devices, health and wellness services, snacks, & supplements.

From $37.62/mo.