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LaSalle, CA
A subscription box for everyone who loves handmade personalized jewelry, who wants to grow their jewelry collection and wants to support small local business. And yes, you keep your personalzed jewelry!
Handmade Hand Stamped Personalized Jewelry Box, from $25.00
Handmade Hand Stamped Personalized Jewelry Box

Each month, you will received one handmade handstamped personalized jewelry and/or accessory that you may keep for yourself or give as a gift. This month box included: 1- One handmade hand stamped personalized bar necklace with a Swarovski crystal 2- One polishing cloth 3- ♡ One FREE delicate jewelry pouch -------------------------------------------- Hand stamping is done by striking metal with steel stamps by hand to create letters, words and designs. The letters are not always straight or even or the same depth as the other letters. This is deeper than engraving and therefore, there will be a slight impression on the other side. This is not a defect and lends itself to the unique, one of a kind piece that you will receive. No two pieces are ever exactly the same! Your piece will probably look slightly different than the photo. These make wonderfully personal gifts. -———————————————————————— All items in our shop are handmade and so sometimes small imperfections may occur. Items that are listed ‘made to order’ can sometimes slightly differ from the one(s) shown in the pictures. We will of course make sure these are only slight changes though. -———————————————————————— What material do I uses? ALUMINUM: All of my aluminum jewelry is made with pure 1100 aluminum, which is food safe and safe on your skin (in fact, there’s less chance of a skin reaction with 1100 aluminum than there is with sterling silver!). It will never tarnish, discolor, rust, etc. It also will not leave marks on your skin like some of the lesser aluminum alloys, which contain other metals. My aluminum jewelry is shiny and sturdy. Its an affordable alternative to sterling silver that’s very comfortable and looks great! BRASS & COPPER: Brass and copper will patina (tarnish) with time due to skin and contact with the air. Tarnish can be removed with a polishing cloth or by soaking the bracelet in vinegar for a couple of minutes. We recommend storing your bracelet in a plastic bag when you’re not wearing it and not taking the bracelet in the shower. The lettering may lighten with time, you can easily fix it with a sharpie. If you are in Montreal area, I will inked for free. It is 14 gauge. I will use the Renaissance Wax to seal your handmade jewelry against tarnish or further oxidation. It will also provide a protective barrier against rust, moisture damage and abrasion. The Renaissance Wax was developed by a scientist at the British Museum specifically for the restoration and preservation of precious works of art, Renaissance Wax is a semi-synthetic micro-crystalline fossil-origin wax that is completely free of damaging acids. This wax prevents tarnish and corrosion, and is highly moisture-resistant, forming a lustrous, durable, protective coating that highlights rather than obscures fine detail. The coating also creates a barrier against fingerprints and lifts away oil and dirt.

From $25.00/mo.