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Small World Play

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I started making these kits for my son when he was 2. I like finding the different items for each kit and setting them up and telling a story. He would love going back and forth with me having conversations between the animals or characters. Using play doh helps to stand the items up and stamping objects is always a hit. I'd rotate the kits every week or so and they were used faithfully for 3 years. I wanted to share the kits with others because they were such a lifesaver for me keeping my little guy busy and happy!
Kids STEM Playdoh Sensory Kits, from $20.00
Kids STEM Playdoh Sensory Kits

A different theme sensory kit each month! These sets provide open ended play for your creative toddler or young child. Promotes fine motor skills, language development, and cognitive growth. Each kit will come with a variety of loose parts for children to create a scene and let their imagination go! These kits can be used with out without playdoh. Most of the kits come with tools and shapes that are fun to press into the playdoh to make prints. The playdoh also helps some of the objects stand up to get a 3 dimension scene set up. Each kit has unique handmade trays and pieces! I can also personalize the kits. Please message me and let me know your child’s name and age! Feedback is always welcome and reviews are much appreciated! These kits are meant to use with play doh as seen in the pictures. However, the kits I sell do not include the play doh. Kits are handmade and may vary slightly from the pictures shown. Kits include small pieces.

From $20.00/mo.